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Visit the Farm

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We're thrilled that you are planning a trip to the farm.  It's our joy to have you visit and to see so many return year after year!  This adventure we're on has been a labor of love and truly a place where our guests quickly become friends.  If you're new here, WELCOME!  There's a few things you might want to know as you plan your visit:



  • Currently you will park parallel with the long driveway and follow the signs to the flower shed. 

  • Directions to the flower fields are all self explanatory and the UPick flowers are all self-serve, we have everything you need to pick a beautiful bouquet!

  • UPICK BLUEBERRIES ARE NOT SELF SERVE and we are not taking pre-orders at this time because we sell out quickly!   Be sure to subscribe and become a friend of the farm to be the first to receive notice when the fields will be opening and to stay up to date with farm happenings! 

  • To pick blueberries in season, you will be greeted and given directions on how/where/what to pick and we will supply you with everything you need to get started!

  • Many of our guests pick both flowers and blueberries.  Our recommendation would be that you pick blueberries first and flowers last so they stay fresh.  Trust me, you'll be eating blueberries and sniffing flowers on your ride's a thing!

  • There is a portapotty on site.

  • It varies greatly but the average time to wander the fields and pick blueberries in season and/or cut flowers is about an hour and half each.  You are welcome to stay and enjoy the beautiful outdoors!  Picnics/Snacks/downtime is welcomed, just please be mindful of other guests and that you are on private property. 

  • We accept cash, check & Venmo.

  • NO PETS.  Since this is our private property you may see an occasional pet, we wouldn't allow them to be around if they weren't friendly.  We ask that you leave your pets at home unless you have a service animal.

  • You are encouraged to take your own fun pictures and enjoy your time here on the farm.  Please tag us to continue to spread the news, we exist because of you!

  • Professional photography is prohibited UNLESS it is booked through our site.  We are all for it, in fact we love it!  We just ask that you book a time slot so we know who and when someone is coming.   All the information you need to book your special time here on the farm is available under Photo Sessions. 

Berry and Bloom is not a public park.  It is our desire and joy to continue to share this farm with you!  We do not charge an entrance fee but our expectation is that you will make a purchase in an effort to support the hard work and dedication it takes to make this farm what it is...we hope to see you on the farm soon! 

Troy & Rhonda's Helpful Tips

Coming to the farm mid-morning or later in the afternoon is a great time to pick your flowers. Any flower cut in the heat of the day can be a bit stressed.  Not to worry!  A little bit of time and water and they'll be ready to give you daaaaaaays of enjoyment!  Be sure to check out our FLOWER section for more helpful hints on

after care.  Blueberries, on the other hand, taste amazing

when they've been ripened by the us they're good anytime! 

If you are interested in gathering with family and friends, renting our fields/barn, school/homeschool tours or private workshops, send us your questions at, we'd be glad to help!

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