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Flowers, Flowers, & MORE FLOWERS!

Who's ready to pick flowers?!  Meeeeee!  We're so glad you've found your way

to our farm.  Get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience that's sure to delight all ages and keep you coming back for more!  (Be sure to take advantage of our yearly "VIP PASS" tab above for those that plan to visit regularly throughout the season!)  Our flower U-pick is open July through September, Monday through Saturday...and as we say around here "Fun-Up to Fun-Down"!  We are closed on Sundays because even the farmers need a day of rest. 


We offer our guest the opportunity to relax and enjoy the great outdoors while gathering specialty cut flowers grown right here on the farm.  We have thousands of flowers to choose from, like cut and come agains as well as faithful perennials...there’s literally something new blooming all season long!  We offer over 50 varieties of flowers, and that number seems to be ever expanding!  Everything you need to know from instructions, to supplies and how to pay are readily available to you in the flower shed.  Be sure to read the instructions carefully before heading out into the fields to learn quick tips on how to choose and cut the flowers to give you the best vase life possible.  We will have scissors, containers and water ready for you.


There is also an example of a bouquet so that you know the appropriate size to cut.  Please do not over stuff your arrangement, you will still leave here with plenty of flowers!  Overcrowding your container only leads to disappointing vase life and wasted flowers, we want to continue to have happy guest!  There will be a $5 upcharge for overstuffed bouquets. Parents please be mindful of your children in the fields and when cutting stems. This is very much a family friendly experience and is here for everyone's enjoyment, every flower unnecessarily cut or pulled out is one less flower for someone else.  We are always amazed at how respectful our guests are to our property and towards other guest...thank you for making this such a special place for all to enjoy!  

We currently offer three sizes:


Minis = $7 (cup provided!) perfect minis for kids, to cheer someone up, give away, office, neighbor, family, friends, get the picture! 

Field Bouquet = $28 (containers are now included!) this bouquet is worth $80's FRESH, It's can't buy the flowers your grandma grew in a store, that's why we grow them all here! It's all waiting for you so come on over and make a beautiful Minnesota grown bouquet!

DIY Buckets = $65: three-gallon bucket (our guests use these for splitting with friends and family, special occasions, large gatherings, weddings etc.  You can easily make 6-8 mason jar bouquets out of one bucket!


*Sorry but we do not allow you to bring your own containers to pick in to, it's too hard to judge the average amount of flowers in your containers...thank you understanding!*

Gedney and Holly's Helpful Tips

  • If you are cutting flowers for an event, early in the day is best.  First because they are cut before the heat of the day, and secondly, it gives the flower a chance to condition or revive after being cut.  They will perform wonderfully or we wouldn't be here! 

  • Once home, if you haven't already in the field, strip the stems of all foliage, it's the leaves that come into contact with the water that introduce bacteria to your bouquet. Cut the stem at an angle so the flower is able to draw water up.  Place in cool water away from direct sunlight.  Change water and snip stems daily for extended care. 

       Our bouquets easily last a week and many say close to two if properly maintained, 

       which is always music to our ears!

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