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Meet your Farmers


Hiiii and welcome!  We’re the farmers behind the scenes here.  Never in a million years would we have ever thought that this would be our current season of life. Life is funny that way, in a good sort of way!  Six years ago, we were approaching the empty nest stage and we’d have long talks and walks about what this next season of life could look like.  We might have a bit more money because we’re done with braces and piano and games and sports…and, and, and!  But we didn’t want this next season of life to be just about us and our happiness.  Sure, it’s nice to have moments but we wanted more, something meaningful, something lasting, something good.  What would it be?  A nice car?  Well they break down eventually.  A couple trips?  Maybe but for us that gets old after a while.  What could we do

TOGETHER… HERE… where we could use this land that we’ve worked so hard to get to this point. 

It didn’t always look like this! 


We decided to take a trip and in that trip everyone had something on their bucket list to fulfill.  One of mine was to see and pick blueberries for the first time ever…nothing more!  We hopped in the car as a family and took a trip around Lake Michigan, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  The beauty of the state, the lake in all it’s glory, the produce so abundant…we wanted a piece of that here in Minnesota!  Seeing blueberry orchards for the first time, picking the fruit that was everywhere and the taste.  Don’t even get me started on the freshness of it all!  Seeing people gather and enjoying their surroundings really resonated with us.  I was sold, Troy was sold and the kids asked why I didn’t pick more blueberries!

Dreams happen.

I tell you this not to boast about us, we’re nothing special.  Just two kids who fell in love in Drivers Ed, married, had three beautiful gifts in our kids and have been blessed with two daughter-in-loves!  We’ve worked hard for everything we’ve got and will work until the good Lord calls us home.  We are just stewards of this beautiful land and God gets all the glory for it!  Retirement is not our goal, serving others is.  Being faithful to what we’ve been given and being a blessing to all those who want to share in the fruit of our labor.  WE LOVE IT HERE and we know you will too.  We never started out as Upick farmers but in a way it found us.

So because of all of you, we are gearing up for yet another fabulous season on a piece of land that had been neglected and frankly unwanted for years.  It’s turned into something more beautiful than we ever could have imagined.  The goal was for this farm to be a blessing to everyone that cut a perfect flower,

ate a blueberry, strolled through the sunflowers and have taken a memorable photo in our fields but ironically we are the ones completely humbled and blessed by you.  We’re thrilled you’ve found us and we look forward to meeting you HERE on the farm!

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We'll be right here ready to greet you on the farm,

Troy & Rhonda

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