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Blueberry Fields

It doesn't get much better than blueberry picking and especially in your backyard!  That's why we started this adventure we figured if we wanted it, you would too!  It's beautiful to see the fields in the height of their glory and it only gets better as the years progress.  We are a young orchard, but we look forward to every new season as the bushes expand their crop and the fruit keeps getting better. 

Our blueberries fields feature excellent producing varieties and we carefully selected plants that would produce early, mid and late season so that we can extend our season as much as possible here in Minnesota.  They include Blue Crop, Duke, Elliott, Patriot, North Blue, and Blue Ray. The season typically runs from the

end of June to the middle of August, all weather dependent of course.  For this reason, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter to get field reports and updates as they become available.

When you arrive on the farm, we will be here to welcome you with a brief explanation of how and where to pick.  You will be given a bucket and you'll be on your way!  You will also be able to take your blueberries home with you in a bag provided.  Unlike the upick flower fields, this area of the farm is not self-serve.  As you find your spot, be sure to pick the ripest fruit (dark blue) because the blueberries do not ripen after they've been picked.  Also, be sure to pick the berries low and into the bush, that's where all the good ones are!  When you have filled your buckets, we will gather all your bounty and weigh the fruit collectively.  Blueberries are $5.50/lb.  At this time we only offer Upick (no pre-orders) due to our fields selling out so quickly.  We do not certify organic but are dedicated to using as many organic practices as possible; especially fertilizers, and we only spray with compost tea! Subscribers to our newsletter receive the first notice that the fields will be opening by said date...that means you can be first in the fields!  

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Gedney & Holly's Helpful Tips

Many of our guest pick both blueberries and flowers when the blueberries are in season.  Our recommendation would be that you pick your blueberries first and flowers last so that they stay fresh.  A cooler might be handy for the blueberries on warmer days but not necessary.  And trust us, you'll be eating blueberries and sniffing flowers on your way home...and not in any particular order.                                                                                                                                                        It's a thing!


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